About Civil Citation

What if you could address first-time misdemeanor offenses with an alternative path to arrest? What if you could save time and resources in processing an offense? What if the diversion program/intervention service were comprehensive, measurable and scalable in real-time?

Welcome to the Civil Citation Network!

The Civil Citation program initially implemented in Leon County, Florida is a public/private self-sustained pre-arrest diversion program. Success of the program rests with law enforcement officers issuing citations that incorporate evidence-based assessments and appropriate intervention services. Health providers assist in support services with a clear goal of reducing recidivism.

Intervening at the earliest point in the process is critical. The Network deploys a set of tools to hold the adult/juvenile accountable throughout the process. This is accomplished through the Network's proprietary software platform (Civil Citation Network Application) that seamlessly blends law enforcement, clinicians and appropriate stakeholders. The software allows agencies complete management without the headaches of servers, software, paper management and dedicated IT staff. All this in a secure and encrypted environment. A summary of network and application features can be found here

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